Monday, August 20, 2012

You can see FLAVIA SOUZA'S work hanging between this installation. It's only piece I got from her at this moment.Becoming an artist made me into the kind of person that valued above all things something that was hidden - not what people usually valued but something other. I came from a background where appearances were important and the accumulation of wealth and manners etc.. and I understood that there were other things that people couldn't necessarily see that were the most valuable in life. As an aritst I was to make this 'thing' visible. I guess it was a kind of truth, a Reality, a way to Selfhood. My thoughts leaned towards philosophy and the meaning of life and trying to understand human experience from a tender age. Life and death, magic and who I was and why I was... my thoughts were engaged in these themes as well as age appropriate themes like everyone else: Does he like me, do I look pretty, am I any good.... Mostly I try to be quiet and not give my thoughts too much credence.

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