Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FLAVIA SOUZA This is of course still not a work of her. I work for a long time and then something magical happens. If I try to repeat it it doesn't work so I have to go very tenuously and carefully finding my way again. It is a persistence and a sensitivity and also a kind of respect that makes it happen. Also I get images in my head that I then put down as closely as I can to the original in my head. This is much easier than to find my way as I am going. I still haven't found a formula - I fear there isn't one - just trying your ass off to match your inspiration or a feeling that the thing is right. Very hard work for me, not an easy thing but boy is it unbelievable when it happens.

It still stays a mystery how he always find a way to solve problems.

FLAVIA SOUZA This is of course not one of her works but it gives me the oportunity to break her text in little pieces.So it becomes easier to stay concentrated.AND DO YOU HAVE A KIND OF RITUAL TO COME TO THIS POINT? I'm working on it. I suspect keeping my mouth shut is part of it as is slowing down, not getting impatient and waiting to 'see' the next step... My favorite object was when I was 6 in Japan. My father gave me a pearl inside it's shell in a glass dome filled with water. It had a blue porcelain base and a thin golden trim between the base and the glass. I stared at that pearl and it was pure magic for me. Where it came from, how it was made by nature and I wrote magical words under the base that I believed would make my dreams come true.It broke when we left. It was a shock but I also thought the magic could now enter me. I was young and a little unusual.

FLAVIA SOUZA No. But once I had an artist from the building come into my studio on open studio night and we talked at length about a piece she liked that I said a lot of people liked. the following year I saw her making work that looked just like it - completely different from her previous work. I couldn't believe it. I didn't have an open studio for years and I almost didn't participate in this show for the same reason. Artists can be assholes. You can have an opening to a deeper place and be completely cut off in this one. A human being can make an artwork of himself. I think that is the best kind of art.


MIGUEL TRELLES This music is intimately related with the stories I grew up with and with the Spanish speaking Caribbean where I am from and which I keep up with. I think art is important in society because it is useless and out of this uselessness useful ideas can come forth effortlessly. Because utility is not aim, art allows for a broader scope than the typically utilitarian one, thus helping everybody relax AND often arrive at ideas, emotions, and even useful solutions they might not have thought available.

One for the road we would say in Belgium. Belongs also with 2 former photos. Can this be easier?