Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FLAVIA SOUZA It is all for society, all to help people find themselves, find real meaning, tackle the big questions, who am I? and why?? DO YOU THINK ARTISTS CAN WORK TOGETHER? making movies great movies a lot of artists work together. visual artists tend to work alone. that works for me. solitude is like gold. Definitely. I travelled a lot as a child, the impressions of the different countries I lived in and the experiences there - the colors, the customs, the smell, landscape, the whole of the culture were enormously important in forming some kind of inner language and understanding of my reality, my being. I find myself drawn to certain parts of my childhood that were the most striking - Japan, Yugoslavia,Mexico, Brussels. What I make is like thin threads from these memories and my feelings and thoughts all woven together in images that carry a kind of understanding of being both inside and outside this. I was forced to find commonality in very disparaging environments and my life and maybe also my art has been about this invisible common reality.


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