Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FLAVIA SOUZA This is of course not one of her works but it gives me the oportunity to break her text in little pieces.So it becomes easier to stay concentrated.AND DO YOU HAVE A KIND OF RITUAL TO COME TO THIS POINT? I'm working on it. I suspect keeping my mouth shut is part of it as is slowing down, not getting impatient and waiting to 'see' the next step... My favorite object was when I was 6 in Japan. My father gave me a pearl inside it's shell in a glass dome filled with water. It had a blue porcelain base and a thin golden trim between the base and the glass. I stared at that pearl and it was pure magic for me. Where it came from, how it was made by nature and I wrote magical words under the base that I believed would make my dreams come true.It broke when we left. It was a shock but I also thought the magic could now enter me. I was young and a little unusual.

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