Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FLAVIA SOUZA I am not sure I 'found' my medium... I started to draw because it was cheaper than photography and film and because I could draw... there is a lot that comes into choosing the medium you are trying to express an idea with. Usually the medium fits the idea in a way that other mediums cant - what you are communicating and how are part of the same language. I worked a long time ago with meat because I wanted to film it rotting... I use gouache because it is mat. Mediums have unique qualities that can help you, they create a limitation that helps the thing get made. my son is composing music at the moment. - he feels it deeply and sings his ass off - as the bass player in his first recording said. I love it right now and I love it because he is so completely natural with it and full on. It's inspiring. Freedom of expression is more important than technique. Being oneself unencumbered is a kind of art. Tarkovsky answered this so well in an interview. The purpose of Life is spiritual evolution. Art is the same. The purpose of Art is to help man in his spiritual evolution. I agree with him completely.

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